Smart Card

Digital Business
Card Solution

Smart Card is a digital business card solution. It combines the advantages of online marketing with a traditional business card. Your business profile, branding, contacts details, website and social media links are all in the one place on your Smart Card.

It is an innovative technology that is new to Ireland and has had big success in both the UK and the U.S. to date.

The technology is advanced but easy to use. Sharing and forwarding of your Smart Card can be done through instant messaging – text and WhatsApp, by email and through the use of the cards QR code.

Why Choose Smart Card?

Core Features


You can interact with colleagues and clients at the touch of a button


You can save one tree for each 100 business cards you share digitally.


Easy to Use and Understand

Innovative technology

Smart Card is an exciting technology that is new to Ireland and has had big success in both the UK and the U.S. to date

Smart Card places your company brand, business profile, contact information, website and social media links into your customers hand.
Smart Card can be customised to create a true to brand experience for your clients.
Smart Card can be updated at different times of the year, for company promotions, festivals and seasonal offers.
We can offer user access to the platform if regular updates are required or preferred.

The company will save on annual printing costs of all business cards as well as re-printing as a result of staff or company updates.
The number of cards bought will remain within your company and can be changed for new hires or staff that move department.
A change of branding can be implemented without any extra cost. Customers and clients will always have up to date information.

Analytics of the digital business card can be used for staff performance management.
Smart Card analytics provide direct visibility of staff who are promoting the company and its products/services by using the card. Managers and employers can see the number of times employees and reps are sharing and sending the card to customers.
Smart Card analytics provide visibility of the most and least popular products / services on your website.
Employers are empowered to use incentives for staff who promote the company.

Employees will no longer run out of business cards and staff will not need to wait for re-prints.
In this way, Smart Card facilitates instant lead generation through a powerful networking tool.
Staff can follow up prospects quickly, be recognised by their photo straight away and build up their network easily and efficiently.

When a company buys into Smart Card and all staff are using the card, it means your company will be placed ahead of its competitors on the web.
This happens in two ways:
1) By all staff making use of the card and sending it regularly each day while conducting business, your company will start to climb to the top of the google ranking ladder.
Without needing to pay anything extra you come first!
2) By making use of the card – sharing and sending it to all your customers – it ensures yours is the only business your customers see.
Because the card is environmentally friendly it fulfils the growing need for companies to hold a degree of corporate social responsibility in reducing their carbon footprint.

Smart Card is a web-based programme and not an app which makes the technology reliable. Apps are inclined to freeze, require constant updates and are known on occasion to stop working.
Smart Card, being web-based and having redundancy servers in place, ensures minimal downtime. Smart Card does not freeze, does not require updates and does not stop working.
Security – Protection of Private and Personal Information