Smart Card is a web-based programme and not an app which makes the technology reliable. Apps are inclined to freeze, require constant updates and are known on occasion to stop working.
Smart Card, being web-based and having redundancy servers in place, ensures minimal downtime. Smart Card does not freeze, does not require updates and does not stop working.
Security – Protection of Private and Personal Information

  • Security measures are taken to ensure data availability. These measures include:
  • Managed AV defender installed, updates every 2 hours, server client firewall enabled and patch management occurs weekly
  • Integrity and confidentiality – backup and authentication codes and signatures, 2 different offsite cloud backups with encryption (AES – 256 BIT KEY SIZE)
  • Transparency – asset management and monitoring of servers available on request (customer access to the portal)
  • Data retention and deletion – backup data retention is 10 copies of backup, In the event of card deletion – information and history is deleted permanently
  • Physical security – data is hosted in state of the art data centres utilising good industry practice